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May 9th, 2011, 9:36 am

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Rico (Guest),

Indigo Oh thank you lord, I was waiting for too long to see the next page but I hope there is more pages coming.


Happy Envy Héhéhé Funny to see he is still laughting in espagnol.
Yeah and I am laughting in French of course. XD

Great story! Super histoire.

Joja Lee,

*_* Want mooore

Luv EnvyXWinry :3

So goood


Moarrr Moarrr plz :O this is amazing

Jack-Jack (Guest),

Indigo I like this page but I want to see more pages... Is the new ones are coming?, because I can't wait to see them.
Ooh, please let me see more pages, I would die if I don't see them as soon as possible. Hurry Please!!!

nikki (Guest),

ah this is awesome more plesase

ilovethis!!! (Guest),

i love this so much! its so good! i can tell your drawing has been improving even better. its a great comic and please continue!!!!!!!!! i love it soooooo much! i showed it to my friends and they cant get enough of it <3

Sandiego (Guest),

Indigo I do like it but I am also ready for something new, I'm ready for the pages of 27,28,29,30,31,32
,33 and 34 or even more pages... Okay I'm sorry about that, it's just I'm ready for something new that's all. But Thank You!!!

Jojo (Guest),

Indigo I feel so tired with the pages but I just want to see new pages, I would be even more gladly if I can see more of new pages please ... Thank You!!!!!

Wonder Boy (Guest),

Indigo Holy Crap!!!... Is it just me or he saying JAJAJA!!!,?. If he was really lauphing, he should just say HAHAHA, and before he is lauphing, he should say Hm... Hm... and right before he start to laugh ... Man, Envy is really strange excpet he is a villan and he did rape poor Winry ... AAAA!!!

lorefer321 (Guest),

oh my god!!! really liked it! I don't like so much the envy x winry but this is awesome!!!

Wonder Girl (Guest),

Indigo Wonder Boy told me about the pages of Indigo however I am waiting new pages and I can't wait ... TATA!!!

Diego (Guest),

Indigo I feel a bit bored,because I'm tired waiting and I just want to see more of new pages. Keep on going cause I can't wait to see more of them ... Thank You!!!

Nico (Guest),

Indigo I was hoping that the pages of 27,28,29 and 30 would be ready right about now but it's still the page of 26, it's not like I don't like the page. I just can't wait to see more ... But I Will Try Waiting!!!

Draco (Guest),

Indigo Oh I feel so much bored after looking this page, it's not like I do not like this page however I do want to see new pages... Keep Working!!!

Greedo (Guest),

Indigo Come on ... This is the second of July and I still haven't see new pages yet... Are you really that lazy?... Hurry the heck up because I can't wait to see more... Thank You!

GreedLing (Guest),

So Long ... :< When will you update ? It's August 18 ! And hell I've been waiting for this like months ago ... :(

GreedLing (Guest),

It's already October.... :( When will the next page come? Please Update! :(


This comic is really good... I love this comic. Envy is almost my favorite character from FMA. I'm looking forward to your update, good job.

animeflower101 (Guest),

This is great~!! Please make more! :D

Jackie Boy (Guest),

Indigo Come on already, I want to see all of the pages and I know this is not the final page so hurry the hell up or I will be very very very ... Pisssssssed!!!!!!!!!

Jojo (Guest),

Indigo O.K. I feel little impatient because you haven't put more pages, is everything alright?
Because if it is, I am getting bored with the page of 26, I want to see something more!!!

Marko (Guest),

Indigo I heard about this pages, can I see more pages? Because I can't wait to see them all!

Greedo (Guest),

Indigo Hello, it's me again and I am very serious about this, I want to see the whole pages, I want to see more Hentai of this, so come on already, I want to see more, pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Diego (Guest),

Indigo Seriously, I am getting bored with this page, so can please put more pages of it? Because I am getting very very very borrrrrrrrrrrrrrred!!!!!!!!

Devil Boy (Guest),

Indigo What the f****************ck?!!!
Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to say the f word thing, I was just told by my little sister Angel Girl that there will be more of this pages, by the way my name is Devil Boy .... Ehehehehe!!!

Bad Boy (Guest),

Indigo I heard of this pages before, my little brother Devil Boy told me about this, and I have to say about this page, it looks so f****ching awsome, I can't wait to see more of it, I hope my older sister Good Girl doesn't find out about this or my little sister Angel Girl because I don't want them to tell our parents on me and Devil Boy ... AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Jojo (Guest),

Indigo Hi, it's me, Jojo, today is June 3, 2012, and I still haven't see more new pages, please can I see more of the new ones? Thank you.

Jojo (Guest),

Indigo I was waiting patienly but I didn't see any new ones, I do like this page but I want to see more, please just hurry and make them, thank you

Rico (Guest),

Indigo I do like this page very much, but I really want to see more pages, so come on, it's Friday 31th,August in 2012, and I still haven't see more pages, so hurry!!!

Jojo (Guest),

Indigo Please, I have been waiting for new pages and I still haven't seen them, and this is December 21,2012. Please make more pages, thank you.

Bad Boy (Guest),

Indigo Hi, it's me, the very one who loved this Envy and Winry doujinshi ... the Bad Boy, it is February 20, 2013, and I still haven't see new pages, so can you put some more? Thanks B*tch!

kacsasegg (Guest),

This was the first non-yaoi Envy comic what I've ever seen and I totally loved it! Nice work :3

[January 8, 2014]

Julia Rivers (Guest),

Indigo I have been wondering if there is anymore of these amazing pages because I can hardly wait for something new, and besides this is the year of 2016, and it is already in November, and I hardly see anymore pages, can you make some more please? Thank You

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